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What do I offer as a professional life coach and a licensed Personalisys® practitioner:

Personalisys® profile – this is a questionnaire for clients that want to have a better understanding of how their personality operates and shows their very own “blueprint” in three dimensions - contribution (where they thrive) communication (what their unique communication style is) commitment (their decision making process).

This reveals an extended report around your strengths, your gifts, your weaknesses and how to optimize them the best to your advantage.

Coaching - One on one sessions via Zoom, phone call, email and in office if location permits.

Half day workshops for Small groups, family sessions, in home private workshops.

What’s in it for you?

In one word – Value.

My approach is very straightforward as I focus completely on your relationship with yourself. I penetrate into the core, the root of the matter, whatever it may be according to what is presented.

All things around you that you deal with, are connected and are a direct reflection of how authentically you are connected to yourself, core, feelings, etc.

This requires you, the client, to be completely open, honest, willing to do the work so that you can transform and be on your own individual and unique path to the real you.

Your personal and unique transformation will engage you with your inner serenity and your path to happiness; You will enjoy you and everything you are about.

You become your new hero!

In my private sessions, since everyone is different, there is no set program to fit all. I work with my clients until they feel they no longer require my services, and of course, that is my ultimate goal.


Tamar Zion is a committed life, love, and success coach who helps clients tap into their true purpose, understand their self-worth, and overcome the obstacles keeping them from living a truly fulfilled life. Since 2016, Tamar has coached clients on a wide range of everyday issues. She specializes in self-empowerment and relationship with self. She believes operating from a place of "the real you" is key to individual success. 

Born and raised in Israel and a resident of Florida for the past 25 years, Tamar understands the twists and turns life can take us on. She has served in the Israeli army, immigrated to a new country, and worked in the real estate, investment, health, and fitness industries. She is an abstract artist and a passionate world traveler who has completed the Camino de Santiago 3 times. Tamar received her personal trainer license in 2010 and studied holistic nutrition in 2015. After a life-long, soul-searching journey, being that she naturally possesses an analytical approach, she became a certified RMTC Strategic Intervention Life Coach in 2016. She recently completed Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer Program.

Understanding and experiencing life being on both sides of the rail, Tamar's crystal-clear communication and practical style provide her clients with a safe space to form healthy growth and healing.

Drawing on her experience, keen interest in one’s personality, knowledge, dynamic energy, strong sense of curiosity, and ability to zero in on the root of the problem, Tamar consistently helps clients re-discover and engage with their true selves and their ideal in order to discover a clear path to a meaningful, successful, and joyful way of living.

~ The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. ~ Tony Robbins


“Working  with Tamar Has help me uncover underlying patterns that contributed to both my health issues and my job and stability. At first, I was skeptical about speaking with a life coach, but we connected right away, and her patience and guidance has helped improve my confidence, my outlook on life and how I tackle my challenges.

I have also felt a benefit in my ongoing and new relationships. I could not have done it without her.” ~ M. Levy (Israel) current client.

“After 17 sessions, I can honestly tell you I am on top of the world! Tamar is an excellent coach with the vision and a desire to help, and her clear direction helped uncover behaviors I didn’t even know were there. I’m now able to approach life with a more positive energy.” ~ D. Wysocki (South Florida)

“Before I met Tamar, I was utterly lost. With her help I started to believe in myself once again. I feel as if I’ve started a new life at the age of 32, and I don’t believe I could’ve done it without her. Thank you Tamar! From the bottom of my heart.” ~ S. Lev Ari (Israel)

“Tamar is the best, She had helped me find my inner peace and emotional stability in the chaos I was living in. Through her guidance I was able to connect to myself and calm down. I am so grateful as I know I can always reconnect when I need a reminder to be present and trust my journey. Thank you dear Tamar! “ ~ C. F (Vero Beach FL) 

“When I first met Tamar, I was going through a very difficult time in my life: I had just divorced and finished a relationship where there was financial, psychological, and physical violence. I was struggling a lot with coming back to normal life, an immigrant, living all by myself in a foreign country, no family.

Tamar, who I have the honor and privilege to call my dear friend, gave me the support and help that I needed so much.

Tamar gave me some very simple steps and guided me so that I found the ways to virtually start a new life, with new goals, true love, a life which is really fulfilling and meaningful. Of course I am still using Tamar’s strategies as they are so effective in helping me grow and live a much happier life.

In fact, at the time when I started, I could never possibly imagine that these simple steps which Tamar had been helping me to make would bring me to the life I am living today. Thank you so much Tamar! You are a Blessing!” ~ Mila Meleshenko (Melbourne Australia)


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Are You Living The Real You?